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Lunchables Chicken Dunks Meal Kit | 9.8 oz Box

Lunchables Chicken Dunks Meal Kit | 9.8 oz Box

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Lunchables Lunch Combinations Chicken Dunks are the perfect choice for an on the go lunch, while letting kids have fun with their food. This convenient box lunch includes Oscar Mayer breaded white meat chicken nuggets and ketchup as dipping sauce. The chicken dunks lunch kit also includes a Capri Sun Fruit Punch Drink and Nerds candy snack. This tasty breaded chicken meal kit is a fast and fun option for school lunch, picnics or on the go snacking. It provides a good source of protein, with 9 grams of protein per serving. Refrigerate this conveniently packaged 9.8 ounce Lunchables Lunch Combinations.

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