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Zone 2 Dry Goods Storage

Zone 2 Dry Goods Storage

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  1. This is for Zone 2 containing 10 microwarehouse locations. Zone 2 is not active yet. Buy purchasing this item you are committing to zone 2 once it goes live. You will not be charged until zone 2 becomes active. Zone 2 will become active before July 2022.
  2. Decide how many skus you want. For each sku you want listed on Veruca you will need to purchase this product. For example if you want 3 skus, add this item to your cart 3 times. 
  3. Ship us your products. Send us one pallet of the sku that you are listing with Veruca. Pallet cannot have more than 480 units of that sku. Pallets with more than 480 units will be rejected.

 Zone 2 Details: Total population 161,626. 30 grocery stores

Annual Storage Commitment Benefits: 

  • Free product sampling from Veruca trailer at community events and/or within customer orders (samples provided by brand)
  • Veruca street team well educated in your brand/products to promote you while engaging with community/customers
  • Priority product placement within product category pages 
  • Priority placement within Veruca online marketing (homepage banners, email blasts, social media posts)

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