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Annie Chun's Vegan Noodle Bowl Teriyaki - 7.8oz

Annie Chun's Vegan Noodle Bowl Teriyaki - 7.8oz

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Get ready for a bold and exciting Japanese flavor journey. Our addictive savory and sweet sauce works in perfect harmony with carrots, bok choy and tender Hokkien noodles. Aroma, texture, color, this dish is a truly satisfying sensory experience that won’t soon be forgotten. And it’s just minutes away.
Get the flavors of Asia from the comfort of your own home with Annie Chun’s Teriyaki Noodle Bowl. The secret to delicious, Asian-inspired flavor without all the additives found in some frozen meals, this bowl is ready in just minutes! Since it’s vegan and dairy-free, it’s the perfect choice for those conscious of both their diets and their schedules.

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